Monday, October 26, 2009

Fraud Scheme: Who's the Victim?

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Two brokers came to Gregory Oldham and offered a new investment opportunity in real estate. Oldham Harris Inc. took the opportunity and 90 of their investors contributed almost $12 Million in the investment. It turned out the investment was a fraud. The two brokers did not investigate the investment fully up to the standards. The man who owned the real estate took the money and used it for his own use. Money was lost and caused the SEC to investigate the case. The SEC pressed charges, ruining Oldham Harris Inc.

I later discovered further information from many reliable sources: When the brokers came to Gregory Oldham they offered the opportunity. In this business you need to trust the brokers, and that they did their job correctly. There is no way to run the business without taking opportunities like these ones. He did not have any idea what was in his future. We later found out that the Brokers did not investigate the investment opportunity properly and therefore not discovering that it was fraudulent. Therefore there was no possible way Gregory Oldham knew what was coming. When the Investment went through, there was a lot of money lost. The SEC investigated the case and came with an agreement with Gregory Oldham that no charges were going to be pressed. Oldham Harris Inc. volunteered to donate %10 of their income to a charity that helps people who are victims of fraudulent investments. So the SEC left. And then they were back. The SEC had to report on cases that they have accomplished, so they came to Gregory Oldham and informed him that they were going to press charges, but would lift them after their report is done. So the charges were pressed, and his company was in the paper, and the fraud was publicized in a way that targeted Oldham Harris Inc. The incorporation was destroyed. Everything they have built up was lost. Because SEC needed to look good. It is ridiculous that a good man has to have all of his hard earned accomplishments crushed. He has lost everything. Because of the publicity he can not start in the business again, and has to start from scratch in another profession. Gregory Oldham is a honest and truthful man. I have known him for many years and I love him as I would a family member. This is a huge disaster for him, and it's hard to see him have to go through this. I wanted to let him know that even through hard times there's a light at the end of tunnel. Maybe this opportunity is going to open up more horizons. You have inspired me and have been a great example. I don't know where I would be right now without you. The unconditional love you show for everyone is something that everyone should follow. Stay happy, remember to smile, laugh every once in a while. Stay strong, many people look up to you, and hold you dear to them. Hopefully the darkness will end soon, and the sun will come over the horizon. Just wait until morning, it will come.

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